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    Unanswered: Help please. (school project)

    Hello people i am brand spanking new to this forum.

    I am making a database for a pizzeria.

    I was wondering how you can make a dropdown box with specific words (hawwaiin, meatlovers, etc.), so that information would then be saved for a pizzaID under the fieldname 'Flavour'.

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    have a table called, say PizzaTypes or PizzaFlavours
    that should have something that is unique to that row and a description. the unique bit could be an autonumber column, it could be a code. of the two an autonumber column is the more common

    table PizzaTypes
    ID Integer(Autonumber) ' index of the PizzaType
    Description Text(50) ' describes this type of Pizza

    then on your form that handles the selection (im guessing its going to be an order form) use the combo box wizard. select the data source for the control as the table PizzaTypes or whatever you called it
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