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    Unanswered: How do we set a Global registry

    How do we set a global registry variable in db2.

    I know we can set instance level registry by issuing the below command
    eg: db2set DB2COMM=tcpip

    I want to set this parameter globally how do we do that?

    I tried doing db2set -g DB2COMM=tcpip, it errors out.

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    could you publish the error - was it executed by instance owner ?
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    SQL 1042C system error

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    Exaplanation of this error is as mentioned below. Please check that out. Please also let us know if somthing changed in recent with your db2 setup like new fix pack installetion etc.. what is the dblevel of your installed db2 ?

    A system error occurred. Some possible reasons for this error are:

    The database manager is not installed correctly or the environment is not set up correctly.
    On UNIX-based systems, db2iupdt may need to be run in order to update the DB2 instance to enable acquisition of a new system configuration or access to function associated with the installation or removal of certain product options, FixPaks, or modification levels.
    You might get this message if you are not using the correct DB2 Administration Server password.
    The command cannot be processed.

    User response
    To update the instance to acquire a configuration or access to function run DB2IUPDT <InstName>.
    If the error occurred while trying to connect to a database, get a trace (instructions below) and call IBM support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blazer789 View Post
    SQL 1042C system error
    I thought you'd been on this forum long enough to figure out that you'd need to start by looking at db2diag.log...

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    Try using root

    "root authority to set variables in the global-level registry" :
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    Tried and found working as below

    Logged as root. Loaded db2profile. Then it works as db2set -g DB2COMM=TCPIP

    Seems that db2inst1 user does not have os privileges neede to change the registry.


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