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    Unanswered: Concatenate Fields

    Hello. I am trying to concatenate two fields and achieving some success but not getting exactly what I am shooting for.

    I have two columns. One column titled "First Name", and one titled "Last Name". I've made a query that lists the expression in a separate as such: [First Name] & " " & [Last Name]

    The data listed in the "First Name" column is "Sharon" and the data in "Last Name" is "Peters". The return is not "Sharon Peters" as I would expect but "1 2" (it seems to be picking up the ID numbers rather than the entered data).

    I hope this makes sense. What am I doing wrong?


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    make certain you refer to the actual column names in the table you want the information to be drawn from
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    Your table is probably a look up field that displays the name, but stores the id field from another table. You should add that table to your query and use the related field in that table to display the desired results. I've read on various sites that lookup fields are a trap. This is one example why.

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