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    Unanswered: CheckBox tied to ListBox record

    Hi again,

    I'm still trying to figure out MS Access, and how I can do things. I just finished creating a form that displays all the students that are enrolled in a class.

    Now, I want to create a form that allows the user to add or remove students to/from classes.

    So, I have a ComboBox where you choose a class, then, a ListBox below that displays all the students. What I want to be able to do is have a column called "Enrolled", where CheckBox will be checked if the student is enrolled, and unchecked if he isn't. Ideally, I'd like for there to be a "Save Changes" button at the bottom so that if some students were enrolled/un-enrolled, the database will be updated.

    It sounds like the solution won't be simple, and so I don't want to bother anyone to with writing a huge post. But, any pointers or direction you can give me, I'll appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    So, I've decided to go with a simpler route. I'll just have two listboxes separated by the usual move buttons. Then, there will be a save button to save the changes.

    It won't be as pretty, but it sounds like it'll be much easier.

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    It wouldn't be that difficult to create.

    If you're settled on your other approach though, I wouldn't worry.

    Functionality is king in Access... Worry about pretty things when the grunt works done.
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