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    Unanswered: Error in executing Unix script with SSH option

    Hello All

    I am facing an issue
    The unix script is running fine in unix environment which uses ssh connection but when I try to run the same in informatica environment (same server where I was running the unix script manually successfully) its showing the below error

    command-line line 0: Missing yes/no argument
    My code is

    ssh -o 'PasswordAuthentication yes' -o 'PreferredAuthentications publickey' -i $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa us320 <<EOF;
    perl m_SBD_GRD_0277_GP_VTL_PORT_CNTR_to_WRHS_STG;
    Please let me know which command line argument I am missing

    Thanks a lot everyone

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    You should first determine that the command line actually submitted is exactly what you think it is.
    For instance:
    Are there any meta characters in the command line that are interpreted by informatica before being passed?
    Does the embedded command string have to end with a null?

    Add a log file so that you can save the command string...its helpful for debugging, auditing, and especially witch hunts.

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