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    Unanswered: Brilliant Database Question

    As there is not much assistance from Brilliant Database and not many people seem to know it and no forums with help, i am posting here again for assistance.

    I am trying to get a record to read data fro the previous record in that folder.
    I can not use many to many or simple relational field as there are too many records i need to do this and the database can not handle the amount of relational fields, get message stack overload.

    Does anyone know how i can do this by any other method as this is quite important in my current database creation????

    Help would be so greatly appreciated.

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    Brilliant database


    Can you give an example of your question?

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    Brilliant Database


    Thank you for trying to help.
    Here is what I am trying to do (but simple relational fields will not work due to stack overload)

    I have a financial database which has several folders but the folders i am concerned with are the 10 wages folders for differnet staff (each with 365 fixed records which will be edited as an when staff member is due or paid payment)

    So I have folder 1: staff member 1 (with 365 fixed records)
    So I have folder 2: staff member 2 (with 365 fixed records)
    etc etc etc......

    I obviously have 10 forms, 1 for each folder.

    On each form, I have the fields:
    wages due for that day
    wages paid for that day
    balance (mathematical field)

    I need balance to work out the sum: previous record (i.e previous day) balance + (current record) due - (current record) paid

    Therefore the records would read as follows:

    Due 500
    Paid 200
    Balance 300

    Due 500
    Paid 200
    Balance 600 (current record balance including previous record balance)

    So I need a running total for the balance, all the way through the year for that staff member.

    As I mentioned, I have tried mm and simple relational and a few other ways of doing it but because I have 10 staff members, each with 365 records and obviously other relational fields and queries throughout the database, its too much for BD to handle.

    Maybe some kind of variable or user function could work for this, I dont know.

    I have worked around this problem and calculated totals from queries elseware in the database but ideally, it would be much better if the balance field could calculate due- paid and add the previous record (day) balance into the sum

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    eek 365 columns a separate folder for each employer... sorry that has the reek of a poor design.
    check out database normalisation
    I'd expect one table for employees, one for wages (whether its wages paid or due is irrelevant as you can signify that by say + = wages paid, - = wages owed.

    Ive never come accross 'Brilliant Database', don't read anything into that. however I do know that MS Access as several internal limits, one of which is no more than 250 or so columns in a query or DB. Im just wondering if some of your problems could be down to hitting internal or undocumented limits.

    Also Im nto to sure how many other people here have experience of this product
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    Running total in Brilliant Database

    I am not an expert but can I suggest you look at static global variables , on change script events and system variable "previous value". The basic idea would be to update a static variable by subtracting current field value and then add new value when field modified. The numerical value in variable can be displayed with calculation field.
    As suggested by others I would keep all like records in same folder unless there is good reason not to - brilliant databse is some what different to other databases and usually can handle multiple folders but gets more complicated.

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    Stack overflow....?!

    Hi, the way you have described your dBase structure, I think you really
    need only two folders... one for your staff members and one for the rest...
    then you have also few options, set up a dummy field somwhere to store
    your calcs (can be hidden) or variable so you can read any data you need...
    also, if you have index numbers for those 365 records, then you can easily use "select record by rule" .... Never the less, if you want to send piece of your code then send to to work something out.....

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