Im having a database problem. I used Access a long time ago, and consider myself a novice. I thought somebody may be able to point me in the right direction.

I am making a recipe website for a friend.
My friend will be inserting the criteria into the database from the back end.
One of the tables in my database is called ingredients.
I have the ingredients field set to textarea.

The problem is, instead of displaying the ingredients as a list, the textaraea just runs the text inline. How do I go about getting the ingredients into list form?

I could make several ingredient fields, but this will cause display problems if there are say 30 ingredients or just 2. I have no idea of predicting the right amount of 'ingredient' fields needed.
I have seen on some websites where an extra box 'appears' if you fill one box, but doesnt if the box is empty. This seems like the perfect method for my problem, but I have absolutely no idea how to implement it.

Does anyone here know? Any advice appreciated.