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    Unanswered: filtering data using ESCAPE and wildcards

    I have a table entries I want to filter by the field, product description, which is CHAR2(60) that has character fields separated by the "_" character. for examples anything_anything_anything_1Ganything_......

    I only want returned by my select statement, those values with the "G", the "G" will always be preceded by at least one numeric. but I don't want returned, are values "G"'s anywhere else unless, off course there is a "G" as described earlier... not sure if I'm being clear but my select statement had a LIKE clause..... LIKE '%_%G'.

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    There is no CHAR2 datatype in Oracle.

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    Sorry lost my VAR

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    realize & understand that this problem is more challenging than it should be because the data is not stored according to Third Normal Form.
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    It would also help, if you exactly specified, what result do you expect from this data. As you posted sample data, you should state it too.
    Do you want to filter matching rows with entire product description or just cut the matched part from it?
    Shall this row be taken too:
    I must agree with anacedent, this data model is horrible.

    Anyway, for LIKE operator, you may consult SQL Reference. It is available with other Oracle documentation books e.g. online on
    For cutting the matched part, you would need to use SUBSTR and INSTR functions.
    If you use at least Oracle 10g and this is not school assignment, think of using REGEXP_LIKE function.

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