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Thread: New to DBs

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    Unanswered: New to DBs

    Am trying to learn how to use DB and how they work.

    I installed SQL Server (not MySQL).
    Made a db with Access 2010.
    Tried to import it but didn't work.



    SQL Client is the program that accesses SQL Server and manages the SQL server.
    And normal applications take their data from SQL server.
    But i can't find the SQL client (so i can use the inquiry language thingy)
    Is this correct?

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    The SQL Client you are looking for is called Management Studio. It will connect to your computer (by name or IP address) and you can create/manage your databases.

    To learn basic syntax, I would go to W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    To learn how to write fast queries (performance is a big subject with databases), you can go to SQL Optimizations School

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