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    Unanswered: Help creating outer join query

    So I am creating a database (Access 2010) that shows all the parts my company produces for various customers. Each part we produce will have a unique combination of Customer Number (number the company assigns internally), Part number (number customer gives us), and revision number (number customer gives us). I set those three fields as a composite key for the PartTable.

    Some (but not all) of these parts will have a special operation performed on it (let's call it Beveling). On the PartTable, I have a Yes/No checkbox for a Bevel field indicating whether the part has this operation performed. Then I set up a query to filter only parts with Bevel = Yes.

    From this query, I set up BevelInfoTable. This is to display the details of beveling operations. Some parts may multiple beveling operations performed on it.

    I tried to create a outer join query that displays fields from the PartTable and fields from the BevelInfoTable. However, it seems to use the Autonumber ID and places the beveling info with parts with the same Autonumber ID (instead of with the same Part #).

    What am I doing wrong? Is there a simplier or more efficient way of setting this up?

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    In your query, it sounds like you are linking with the "Autonumber ID" field instead of the "Part #" field. But it's pretty hard to work this out with out further references, such as the table structure and the query design.
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