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    Unanswered: Brilliant Database Exchange Rate


    Anyone know of the best way to have 2 fields on the database which update daily to the current exchange rate.
    The currencies would be:
    GBP to Euro
    Euro to GBP

    Could maybe do with a few others such as Dollars etc but the above mentioned are the most important.

    I can manage this no problem with programs such as Excel and others but I would like to import daily to the database and not use any other programs.

    The problem I have when I try to import from html on daily updated websites is that it will either import dollars to GBP or I have managed to make it import the correct info but when the website updates, It doesnt update in BD.

    Any help on this out there??

    I am going to see someone who may be able to help me in a few weeks but this is not guaranteed as he does not know BD.

    Any help from someone who does would be appreciated.

    I have posted a few questions on this forum now about different issues I am having with BD and If I manage to solve these issues, I should be able to complete the databases I am currently working on in the way I want them to work.
    Need to get these databases out of my hair as soon as possible because I have other projects to work on and can not, untill I manage to solve my current issues.

    Thanks in advance

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    The best way I know would be toi use an automated batch process which looked at one of the forex information providers and transferred the data directly into the DB. as to precisley how Id do that depedns on the environment and tools available. persoanlly I'd probably write an applicartion that scraped the data from an HTML page and insert them into the DB.

    but to do that for your DB could be tricky unless there is an API to the Brilliant Database accessible from say VB or .NET

    failing that I'd just do it as a manual process ie open up the db and type in the rates, perhaps that coudl be the first thing your db does on opening is dispaly the form and request revised forex rates
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