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    Question Unanswered: [help]make some insert transaction can rollback??

    dear guys,

    now i have a enhancement project to improve effeciency of job schedule in as/400.

    overall, description of the job is to insert and delete a few of file/physical file.

    but in old version, that job just using common function of as/400 like WRITR, DELT, UPDAT, etc.

    in new version, i want to re-make that logic with SQL statement.

    but in the progress, i found a problem, if i use SQL statement, when the job have execute a few of insert statement, and suddenly i ended the job, the record won't rollback.

    i have been try some method, like : SET TRANSACTION, DECLARE PROCEDURE. But they don't solve my problem.

    Fyi, i am using AS/400 SMART ver 2009-04. Can you help me to solve my problem?

    thank you before
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