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    Unanswered: Transparent encryption on a column


    How can i encrypt data (a column) when they're stored and decrypt them automatically when they're used without changing the way the application is retrieving the column? Meaning, how can i simplify application development by performing all encryption transparently at the database level? Is this possible in MSSQL?

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    You can use Transparent data encryption at a database level, but I do not think you can do that at a column level.

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    You can program encryption and decryption in the Getter and Setter methods of your class encapsulating the table. The rest of your program won't notice.

    If you use SQL throughout your program, this won't work.
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    Cheers, thanks for the response guys. However, maybe i shouldn't have used the term 'Transparent'. What i was trying to ask is if there is a way to encrypt data when storing into the database and decrypting when reading from the database using the application that i have written. My application uses normal SQL statements to retrieve data. Meaning, is there like a layer between the database and the application that can do this?


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