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    Unanswered: perfomance worry, with data insertions.

    Hi all, im just wondering in which direction to carry on along with the current project im assigned to.

    Bascially, i provide a website for user to log into and look at data (2 byte values) inside a DB, there is about 70 per row.

    Not huge triffic at all as its not a public website.

    The worry i have though is getting the data "into" the DB, it will be entered from a delphi application NOT local on the server, and ideally i would like the data to be entered every minute. So inserting one row so 70 x 2 byte values every minute. But i may have 100 of these doing that?

    Is that "alot" or should it be ok?

    No server specific hardware at the moment as this is all in development, curren tly using a standard PC as a webserver.


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    If it is in a single table without foreign keys then this is very possible. If you start adding lots of foreign key constraints then you should look at making sure that the references tables are cached as much as possible so that the data is validated as quickly as possible before being inserted.

    Will the remote applications be able to transmit quickly enough the data over the network? Are they single insert statements or can then be bundled up using INSERT INTO table (f1, f2, f3) VALUES (1,2,3),(4,5,6),.... This will help keep your network traffic down too.

    If this still does not give you the performance you are looking for and referential integrity constraints is handle by the application then consider using ISAM tables instead of InnoDB.
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