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    WIDatabase (SQL, MySQL, SqLite Library

    Write your code without regard to the database that it will use.

    WIDatabase is a .NET 3.5 library that simplifies the use of databases from Microsoft SQL, MySql and SqLite.This library isolates the developer from the nuances associated with moving between database types.We feel that a software developer should not care if an integer is stored as 64 or 32 bit or as text. Additionally, the need to learn the idiosyncrasies of SQL for each database type impedes the core task of a software developer.

    WIDatabase improves time to market by allowing one version of source code to be used with different databases with the simple flip of a software switch. This does not mean that functionality is missing. Advanced users can still utilize the SQL Language if desired, but much of that need has been eliminated.

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    What does this do better than LINQ/EF?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    1) Code is written once without regard to which database you are using.
    Once written, to change database types all that needs to be done is change
    the constructor. For example:

    /* To connect to a SQLite Database */
    WIDatabase WIDB;
    WIDB = new WIDatabase("c:\\Sqlite.db3");
    /* To connect to a Microsoft SQL Database */
    WIDatabase WIDB;
    CDatabaseInfo DBInfo;
    DBInfo = new CDatabaseInfo();
    DBInfo.DatabaseType = eDatabaseType.SQL;
    DBInfo.Location     = "SqlServer";
    DBInfo.DBName       = "TestDatabase";
    DBInfo.Username     = "LoginName";
    DBInfo.Password     = "LoginPassword";
    WIDB = new WIDatabase(DBInfo);
    2) As you can from the below sample code, knownledge of SQL syntax is not
    required unless advanced features are needed.

    /* Simple example to search table 'tblPeople' returning data in columns */
    /* 'FirstName' & 'LastName' */
    WIDatabase WIDB;
    string First, Last;
    WIDB = new WIDatabase("c:\\Sqlite.db3");     /* Open SQLite Database */
    WIDB.Search.Table("tblPeople");              /* Search Table 'tblPeople' */
    WIDB.Search.Column("FirstName");             /* Request data in columns */
    WIDB.Search.Column("LastName");              /* 'FirstName' & 'LastName' */
    WIDB.Search.Execute();                       /* Perform search request */
    while(WIDB.Search.Read())                    /* Loop though results */
      WIDB.Search.Get("LastName", out Last);    /* Get data in 'LastName' */
      WIDB.Search.Get("FirstName", out First);  /* Get data in 'FirstName' */
    WIDB.Close();                                /* Close Database */
    3) Common formatting errors with SQL syntax no longer exist since column
    requests/inserts/updates are not required to be in order.

    4) A full working demo version, documentation and sample code can be download
    at Wiker Industries - Developer Tools - WIDatabase

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