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    Unanswered: Error

    I am trying to get data from table

    select *
    from TACRFT02

    Getting bellow error..please let me know what does it means

    Some data sources do not provide the appropriate values for
    "<name>". In these cases, the message token will have the
    following format: "OBJECT:<data source> TABLE/VIEW", indicating
    that the actual value for the specified data source is unknown.

    The statement cannot be processed.

    User Response:

    Ensure that the object name (including any required qualifiers)
    is correctly specified in the SQL statement and it exists. For
    missing data type or function in SOURCE clause, it may be that
    the object does not exist, OR it may be that the object does
    exist in some schema, but the schema is not present in your
    function path.

    Federated system users: if the statement is DROP NICKNAME, make
    sure the object is actually a nickname. The object might not
    exist in the federated database or at the data source. Verify
    the existence of the federated database objects (if any) and the
    data source objects (if any).

    sqlcode : -204

    sqlstate : 42704

    Also i am using Db2 comand editor. how to check existing tables under one data base.

    thanks, in advance,

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    what is the schema name of the table?
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