Hi everyone,

Do you know of a syntax that is similar to the one found below, but instead of "By grp." it can contain two variables like" By grp, cat."?

However, I need this syntax to be able to merge these two files with two variables when both variables cases cannot be sorted by ascending order at the same time. Anybody know how to do this, or a program that can do this besides spss?

An example of the two variables cases that cannot be sorted by ascending order are found below. The only way I can merge these two files is by including both of the variables, so I simply cannot use one and exclude the other.


a1     l6
x2     px
f3     nw
b4    wc
^ hopefully by the example provided above you can see why I can't sort both of those variables and its cases by ascending order, which is required, when merging two files, in SPSS.

Syntax I used to try and merge two files, but it failed, however please take a look at it, and hopefully you can further find out what I need help with.

MATCH FILES FILE="C:/Users/Jamie Greene/Documents/SPSS/products2.sav" /TABLE="C:/Users/Jamie Greene/Documents/SPSS/comcat.sav" /BY grp.
Any help as soon as possible is much appreciated!

Thank You!

Jamie Greene