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    Unanswered: Select SQL query for character varying [] data type

    This is my ias_possible_value table:

    Column Type Not Null
    parameter_id integer NOT NULL
    language_id integer NOT NULL
    possibleValues character varying(100)[] ** this is a array of char varying
    valueType character varying(50) NOT NULL

    When I execute sql command select * from ias_possible_value, it works fine.

    But, we I execute sql command select possibleValues from ias_possible_value, it display the following error message:

    ERROR: column "possiblevalues" does not exist
    LINE 1: select possibleValues from ias_possible_value where paramete...

    Please help me.

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    apparently your table has been created using double quotes for column names, thus they are case-sensitive now. That has nothing to do with the data type. You have the same "problem" for the column valueType.

    You now need to double quote the columns all the time you want to access them:
    select "possibleValues", "valueType"
    from ias_possible_value

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    BTW - pgAdmin always creates object using quotes... so that, if you don't use lower case naming convention, you'll always need to use quotes afterwards.
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