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    Question Unanswered: SQL Server Compliance Tool For Audits

    Our Company is looking for Auditing tool to meet the compliance requirements,
    i am looking for something which has following features

    1. It logs in all the changes even DBA should not be able to change the stuff
    Which is logged by audit system

    2. Performance of SQL should not be affected.

    3. Auditing system should log, which record changed when in which table which database

    4. I am able to pull up monthly reports , who changed which records and at what day,date etc

    5. I should be able to filter audited data (Filter by user)

    Please help, please suggest any tool

    we are running SQL Server 2008 Standard
    we have 30 databases in production, with size varying from 8GB to 40 GB

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    I suggest you either upgrade to Enteprise Edition and use the built-in CDC (Change Data Capture) or purchase a third-party CDC solution such as Attunity.

    You will then need someone to configure and monitor this if you don't want your DBA to have responsibility for it.

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    CDC has everything we need except capturing the Usernames , i also tried creating a column(on cdc_db0_table_ct) with default value of System_User but it always captures SA,
    any suggestions??

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