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    Unanswered: Excel as Databse/Table


    I have large amount of data in Excel and I need to prepare a specific report. Currently I use lot of formulas to get the report. Now since the data has increased, my system gets restarted (without creating my report).

    I would like to know, how can Excel act as a Table so that using SQLs data can be retrieved.

    Suppose I have Data in Sheet1 of MS Excel, In background using VBA is it possible to query the data with common SQLs?

    If this option is not good, please suggest me how can this be done.
    Will copying data to access and querying there and writing report in excel is good option?

    Please advice.


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    Excel as Databse/Table

    In Excel large amount of data,I need to prepared repot.i have face excel printing problems.

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