Can any one please help:

I am learning ER Diagrams and want to get some info. how to achieve this....

A trucking company called "ABC" picks up shipments from warehouses of a retail chain called WARE_BROTHERS. Shipments are delivered to individual retail store locations of WARE_BROTHERS. There are currently 6 warehouse locations and 50 retail stores.
A truck can carry several shipments during a single trip, and each trip is identified by Trip# and delivers those shipments to possible multiple stores. Each shipment is identified by a shipment# and includes info about shipment volume, weight, destination, etc.
Trucks have different capacities for both the volume they can hold and the weight they can carry. The ABC company currently has 150 trucks, and each truck makes 3 to 4 trips each week.
A database to be used by both ABC and WARE_BROTHERS must be designed to keep track of truck usage and deliveries as well as for scheduling trucks and shipments.