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    Unanswered: Need Help filling an Access Treeview Control....

    I'm working on an Access 2007 DB wherein I need a treeview control to display something like the following:

    Three parent Nodes --
    'Current,' 'Active,' Stacks'

    each need to have the same Child Nodes --
    'Landscape,' 'Object,' 'Portrait'

    and each of those Child Nodes must also have the same Child Nodes --
    'Fantasy,' 'Horror,' 'Reality,' 'Sci-Fi'

    and finally each of those last Child Nodes need to list a number of Art Items (which, when clicked, will display further information in another part of the form, or a separate form.)

    Ideally, I'd like to draw these Parent and Child Nodes from separate tables, but that's not essential.

    Anyone have a suggestion as to the syntax I could use to define the nodes in this manner for addition to the treeview control..?

    Thanks in advance....

    >> TWKArtist

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    For a good tutorial on how to use a treeview, see: Treeview Contol (vb6) Visual Basic 6 Tutorials, Taming the Treeview Control, and also: Using the TreeView Control

    For explanations on how to populate a treeview from Access tables or queries, see:
    Treeview Control in Visual Basic and Using TreeViews in Your Applications
    Have a nice day!

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