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    Unanswered: Enterprise Replication with mixed replication types


    We currently have two IDS 10.00.UC6 servers happily running, and replicating their database to each other in the "Update Anywhere" mode.

    We now want to set up a disaster recovery site, to which we want to replicate some of the data from these two hosts, in a "Primary-Target" manner, so that the DR host is effectively a read only database until a disaster occurs that takes out the primary bases. (We don't want to use HDR because too much data will be copied, and it is not possible to easily test the system to ensure that it can work).

    How does one set up a secondary form of replication ?

    So far, my experimentation has not managed to find any way to set up a separate replication system, nor to replicate a table differently to one system from the others.

    Any clues would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Brent,

    you probably want to do something using one the of the "flexible grid" or MACH11 functionality, pretty much extented in version 11.70.

    take a look there and look at HDR, RSS and SDS functionality

    There are also excellent presentations on the International Informix User Group web site, in the member area ( registration is free and you'll find lots of interesting things in there). Look for 2011 Conference download, and search for MACH11, flexible grid and cluster.

    Hope this helps

    Best regards

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