Recently I've installed the freeware version of TOAD for DB2 (
at 1st sight a very nice tool.
at 2nd thougt:

- during install it copies all the db2 settings already present on you machine. But when you make changes (uncatalog & catalog nodes & db's) those changes are not rippled thru into your toad config. So when you move databases from 1 server to the other and you make the required changes in you workstation config... your toad on that same workstation is still using the old values

- the script tab looks like db2look, smells like db2look but it is not db2look. On my testdatabase I am creating & dropping INDEXes to convert them from global to partitioned. When I look at the "create index" statement generated by toad is missses the "partitioned" keyword.

TOAD is a very nice tool and it helps me in my day-2-day work. But is not a member of the db2 family. So use it with extra awareness.