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    Unanswered: sql loader error 128

    i am uploading data through sqlloader .i am giving the following command.

    sqlldr sys as sysdba/abcd1234 control="data.ctl"

    when i execute this i ma getting the error unable to log in session.
    please help
    i am getting amd .as i have searched on the net .but hasnt got any answer for this

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    >sqlldr sys as sysdba/abcd1234 control="data.ctl"
    the SYS schema should ONLY! be used to upgrade Oracle to newer version.
    SYS schema should NEVER be used in conjunction with application code or data.
    If you use a regular schema, the error will not occur.
    Besides the command line syntax is incorrect.
    in this case the "sqlldr" must be invoked while logged onto DB Server system itself
    in the future use COPY & PASTE so we can see exactly what you do & how Oracle responds
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