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    Unanswered: List validation or Active X combo box?

    I have two worksheets. One worksheet is the employee information named "Emp" with has LN=column A, MI=column B, Title=column C, Hourly Rate=column D, etc.
    The other worksheet is named "TS". On this sheet in C6 I have employee name. I have a list using data validation which puts a down arrow in the cell and that goes back to the Emp sheet puts the LN in the cell and populates two other cells.
    Ideally I would like the entire name appearing in the list and then appearing in cell C6. The only way to accomplish this is by typing LN,MI,and Title all in one column. A list in data validation is limiting but I like the way the list resides in the cell where I want the name to appear. Active X combo box has many more options but the box cannot reside in the cell.
    I guess what I am asking is should I just use the one column or is there a way to get the information from the three columns? I have attached an example.
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    Have you considered adding a column to the Emp sheet that concatenates employee name and title, copy the formula down, select the cells with the formula and define a name, for example, "empNameAndTitle". On the TS sheet in cell C6, add data validation, choose List, and the source should be "=empNameAndTitle" without the quotes.

    Formula in column F:
    =A4 & " " & B4 & ", " & C4

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    I did use concatenate and it works great. Thank you for replying.

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