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    Unanswered: Need to handle large database

    I use MS Access for the majority of my work during the day. But I'm now dealing with a file that contains over 4 million records which Access can't handle that well. What do you think would be the best program that could handle a larger database like this?

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    if you are used to using Access I'd stick with it
    I'd be tempted to use a server back end such as MS SQL Server or MySQL depening on your budget and or knowledge

    Access using JET the default datastore in Access is fine for most uses its put to, but it does have very specific limitations
    the thing to bear in mind the fintie limit is a file size of 2 Gb, a max of 250 odd columns in a query or table

    however there is no such thing as a free lunch
    to get the best out of the Access front end and server back end you have to redesign the Access application to be server friendly.
    there is still processing going on somewhere.
    you may get a performance benefit from switching to a server backend but you will have to work at it.
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    How many people use the database? If it is just you then I would suggest the free version of SQL Server. I started with Access by itself and the files I was working with grew very large as well. I am now using an Access front end and a SQL Server backend. Actual three different instances of SQL Server. One being the free version. Works pretty well if you only need to load it on your computer and not on a server. If you need to share it then you need to buy the server version. Or find a open source database like MySQL.

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