I have been having some difficulty with getting two subforms on a main form to mirror each other.

There are two tables. tblPatientDetails and tblVisitDetails.
The main form has the is based on paitnet details and two sub forms are both based on visit details.

One subform is in 'single form' format and I can click through all the related visit records one by one. This contains most of the fields from tblVisitDetails.

The second subform is in datasheet format and again shows the related records from visit details but as a list. It only shows a few of the fields from tblVisitDetails (but some different ones from the other subform).

I would like the selected record on the datasheet subform to change to match the selected record on the 'single form' subform. And vice versa. I want to be able to edit fields in both subforms hence why I havent used a listbox.

I have been playing around with the onCurrent event and the goto command in vba but am having difficulty referencing from one recordset to the other.

Very grateful for any solution.

Best wishes, John