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    Unanswered: Fetch 'NA' into cursor

    who now's how I can fetch strings like 'NA' in my cursor. I use dynamic sql in my cobol program.

    Declare Cursor .... Select 'NA', Column1, Column2, 1 as testcol, Column3, 'NA'

    My fetch into is like this:
    fetch into

    hs1 is defined as pic x (02)
    hs2 as pic x
    hs3 as pic x(02)

    When I run the pgm I got the SQLCode -303

    Is it possible to fetch this kind of columns ?

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    I see two possible problems with "1 as testcol":

    • 1 is numeric literal since you don't have single quotes around it, so will not go into :hs2 which you have defined as PIC X. You can use '1' or difine the host variable as PIC 9.
    • Get rid of the "as testcol" becasue it is not relevant inside a program. I am not sure if it will cause an error, but is of no use.
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