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    Normalization with internal dependancy


    I have a table storing score and level information of a user. Both are integers. Level value depends on score and mapping is not expressable as a mathematical function. There are min, max values of points for every level.

    Please help me to design the dabase table. My problem is, if use level as a column in user table, it doesnt normalize as 2NF as level changes as per score and not as per primary key only (which is say - username). Please suggest me some alternative so that i can define properly normalized tables.

    I am new to this forum, so plee forgive me if this is too obvisous or repeated question.

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    There is no problem with storing two different values that are casually related in the same row of a table as long as both values are directly related to that row's primary key. Keeping the point score and the level for a given user makes perfect sense to me.

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