Hello everyone,

I am a newbie. I am working as a web graphic designer in a company. My company had a previous job built a website Make A Wishh by someone. But the said site has created many problem by previous developer. Now I had got the responsibility to redesign it.
My problem is that I am not a web developer and I know least about php and my sql. Not even also how to upload or download the database files to or from the server. I have downloaded all the files from the ftp. server of my company through filezilla but I am not seeing there any db file. Wherever the site consists of databases which is getting linked from the uploaded db file. I cannot track where the file is placed in the server.

Can anyone please help me how can I track the .db file in the server so that I can download it and get corrected according my client's present demand?

Thanks in advance. Please do help me.
Thanks again.