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    Unanswered: Import Specification File error


    I have tried everything and searched everywhere trying all the fixes I saw and this does not make sense.

    I have an access 2007 db. I have a form where you are pompted to select a text file to import, and then you press the import button.

    Here is the code I have to import a TAB delimitred text file to a table:

    DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim, "ImportSpec", TableName:="Phone_Import", FileName:=Me.importfile3, HasFieldNames:=True

    Everytime I execute this, I get a Error:

    Run Time Error 3625:
    The text file Specification "ImportSpec" does not exsist. you cannot import, export, or link using this specification.

    But it IS there.

    Can anyone provide assistance???

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    Im suspicious of the filename:=Me.importfile3
    I think that means you are trying to load a file from a control called importfile3 on the current form
    its a while since I have to use automated imports, but I seem to remember we always had to import for a specified place with as specified file name. ie the batch process copied the file to a specific location, and then the Access process looked for thsat specific file. again Im not a fan of using macros so It may be somethign to do with error handling in macros.

    does this import specification work when run manually?
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    yes, the import spec works fine manually.

    The filename:=Me.importfile3 references a called procedure. here is more of the code:

    Private Sub importfile3_button_Click()

    Dim strFilter As String

    strFilter = ahtAddFilterItem(strFilter, "Text Files (*.txt, *.txt)", "*.txt")
    strFileName = ahtCommonFileOpenSave(OpenFile:=True, Filter:=strFilter, flags:=ahtOFN_OVERWRITEPROMPT Or ahtOFN_READONLY)
    If strFileName = "" Or IsNull(strFileName) Then
    MsgBox ("Import cancelled.")
    Me.importfile3 = strFileName
    End If

    End Sub

    If Me.importfile3 = "" Or IsNull(Me.importfile3) Then
    DoCmd****nSQL ("DELETE * FROM Phone_IMPORT")
    'DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet transfertype:=acImport, TableName:="Phone_IMPORT", FileName:=Me.importfile3, HasFieldNames:=True
    'DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim, "ImportSpec", TableName:="Phone_Import", FileName:=Me.importfile3, HasFieldNames:=True
    DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim, "ImportSpec1", "Phone_IMPORT", Me.importfile3, True
    End If

    And...actually...the more i think about this, Im not sure a file specification is the answer as the file name is going to be different (the import file)

    So, question is, how can I use the DoCmd Transfertxt option to do a TAB Import?

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    If i just use:
    DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim, TableName:="Phone_Import", FileName:=Me.importfile3, HasFieldNames:=True

    I get an error that says that field ' field1 field 2.....etc" does not exsist in Phone_IMPORT.

    Basically, it is not reading that my import file is TAB Delimitred.

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