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    Unanswered: Physical standby database

    I am learning dataguard from oracle data guard concepts and administration and trying to create physical data guard setup in my local.

    I have to create both primary and standby in same system. I am very much confused on this part.

    For primary database I am using normal database creation . But for standby database should I restore from RMAN backup of primary or create like normal database?

    Also the database name should be same for both and unique name should be different. How to create that.

    I tried few things and sometimes DBCA is trying to overwrite my primary data files.

    Please help. I am new to oracle.
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    I'm not sure why you're having problems with this, as the concepts manual is pretty clear on what you need to do. If it's all too confusing for you then you might want to consider creating a primary database, then use the DBConsole for the primary database to create your standby database. Using DBConsole will give you less control over the creation but will handle a lot more of the process for you - you set a few parameters at the start then leave it to create the database for you.
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