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    Unanswered: Moving Data

    Hello fellow Access Gods,

    I have a little issues.
    I was assigned a little project move one record from one table to another table when a criteria is met. example this is only a example.

    Table1 : has three fields. "serial"(unique no duplicates) , "Delivered" (checkbox), TechChk (checkbox),

    Table2: empty

    I need to make it so that when serial and Delivered and TechChk are true. Then Have the DB somehow move that record to Table2.

    Is this posible.
    Any guidance will help thank you.

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    Unfortunately there are no triggers in Access, so you'll have to call some code (VBA or SQL) from a form or from a macro to move the rows matching the criteria from one table to another.

    The most logical place to invoke the moving query or function is in a form where the values of Delivered and TechChk can be changed. In supplement, you can also perform the moving when the database is open.
    Have a nice day!

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