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    Unanswered: group field - sort groups by averaged sub field

    and thanks for any help,
    I have been searching the internet for a couple of hours and finally decided to post to see if someone could help me.

    I havent worked with access in a number of years, but have need of some reports for my business.

    I have created the table and querries, but here is the problem I am having.

    I have a table that is a list of deliveries.
    Each delivery list the employee that took it, and how long they took to take it.

    I want to group all the deliveries by employee name,
    then do an average of the delivery times.
    then sort the employees by lowest delivery time to highest delivery time.

    What happens is,
    I group by employee and it forces me to list them A to Z,
    therefore the sort option I selected for my average of the delivery times has
    no effect (I am only showing a summary of the delivery times and not each individual delivery time)

    thanks again for any help you can offer

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    found a different solution but still a problem

    I found a solution to above.
    I created a simple querry that simply summarized the data.
    the delivery time is imput into the table in seconds
    when i create a report, i want to convert it to minutes.
    previously, i just went into the builder and put /60 after the field,
    not it gives me an error.
    any suggestions?

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    figured it out

    dont know what the problem was,
    but I deleted the original linked text box,
    added a new one
    then did the round function and it worked fine

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