I have three columns in my access database table:
student_id, name, result
the student id is not unique (it is not the primary key of the table)
Now the situation is, there can be more than one record against
one student id e.g.

student_id, name, result
STD1, John, Pass
STD1, John, Absent
STD1, John, Repeat

or two records for one student id e.g.
student_id, name, result
STD2, John, Absent
STD2, John, Repeat

I want to get the records where student is not yet passed i.e. it is absent or repeat in the result column.
So if the student is passed but Absent and Repeat rows also exists, then I dont want to select this student.
If a student is Absent or Repeat and Not passed, then I want to select
all such students

plz help, I am using MS Access 2003