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    Question Unanswered: SID is disappearing after some time

    I am using a java file to connect to the oracle database to retrieve some information and write it in to a file. I am just using select command to retrieve the data. There are no locks on the database (tables) and CPU utility is also normal. But while executing the program, after some time the connection is getting lost and my java program is still running.

    At the database end the SID is getting killed automatically after some time. That query actually takes some one and half hours to complete. Is there any concept of killing the session after some time if it is idle?

    Please help me out.


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    the execution time of the query is not taken as "idle". But, it is also possible to set the total elapsed time limit for a session in CONNECT_TIME parameter of user profile.

    You may find many articles about this:
    And of course, it is also documented in SQL Reference book, which is available with all Oracle documentation e.g. online on Check the one for the Oracle version you use.

    If this a problem, ask your DBA to increase it (up to unlimited).

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