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    Unanswered: SQL Error -286 while creating table

    What is wrong with this Create Statement?

    CREATE TABLE roomclient (roomclient_id BIGINT NOT NULL GENERATED BY DEFAULT AS IDENTITY, avsettings VARCHAR(254), broadcast_id BIGINT, canDraw SMALLINT, chat_user_room_id BIGINT, connected_since TIMESTAMP, firstname VARCHAR(254), formated_date VARCHAR(254), isBroadcasting SMALLINT, is_chat_notification SMALLINT, is_mod SMALLINT,
    is_recording SMALLINT, language VARCHAR(254), last_login VARCHAR(254), lastname VARCHAR(254), mail VARCHAR(254), official_code VARCHAR(254), picture_uri VARCHAR(254), public_sid VARCHAR(254), room_enter TIMESTAMP, room_recording_name VARCHAR(254), room_id BIGINT, scope
    VARCHAR(254), streamid VARCHAR(254), swfurl VARCHAR(254), user_id BIGINT, usercolor VARCHAR(254), userip VARCHAR(254), username VARCHAR(254), userport INTEGER, userpos INTEGER, zombieCheckFlag SMALLINT, PRIMARY KEY (roomclient_id))

    The error is:
    Es konnte kein Standardtabellenbereich mit einer Seitengröße von mindestens "8192" gefunden werden, für den die Berechtigungs-ID "DB2ADMIN" eine Nutzungsberechtigung hat.. SQLCODE=-286, SQLSTATE=42727, DRIVER=3.62.56

    The SQL is produced by openJPA, our openJPA config looks like:
    db2_persistence.xml - openmeetings - Open-Source Web-Conferencing - Google Project Hosting

    Anybody an idea what the error 286 means or what is wrong with the create statement?
    Other tables are successfully created, it seems just this one fails constantly.

    Thank you very much.

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    the pagesize of the tablespace is too small
    you need an 8k ts (and bufferpool and tempspace..)
    you can specify in create table ...... in tsname
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    Thanks Guy,

    we will try on that one.


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