I currently have a database which I use to mail out bulk emails of a confidential nature i.e. containing usernames and passwords for new users of our systems.

Recently our Windows environment was upgraded to Windows 7 and Outlook remained on Outlook 2003. At this point my emails required me to have to confirm that I wanted to allow Access to send emails on my behalf, after every 6 emails.

Last week we upgraded Outlook to 2010 and now I have to confirm that I want to allow access to send emails on every single message. 2 weeks ago i sent out 800 emails so you can understand why I really need a way around this.

Does anyone know where I would find the security settings that would enable me to continue using this process as before?

I'm not doing anything exceptional in Access and am just using the simple

 DoCmd.SendObject , , , MsgTo, , , MsgSubject, MsgBody, False
Thanks in anticipation.