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    Unanswered: Cascading Combo Box Problem

    Access 2007

    I know how to do cascading combo boxes by creating a combining table but I am looking to do something a little different.

    I have:

    The tables for equiptype contain make, model, and specifications for a certain type of equipment and each make/model has an ID (primary key).

    Now the tblmaster contains the equipment we actually own listed by WMI# (primary key). The table will also store the equiptype and eqID (foreign key from tblequiptype). The reason I am doing it this way is due to the fact that we have multiple of the same equipment and it is redundant to enter the specifications in each time.

    Now on the form for tblmaster, I have a combobox that lets you select an equipment type, ie hammer (tblequiptype1), powerpack (tblequiptype2), crane (tblequiptype3). Now my problem comes when I want to populate the choices in my second combobox. What I want is an afterupdate action for combobox 1 that relates the value choosen to the correct equiptype table and populates combobox2 with the make/model choices lists in that equiptype table only. (the user is selecting make/model but combobox 2 is really storing eqID foriegn key in tblmaster)

    I really would like to not have to create a table that relates all the different equipment types to their makes/models for a couple of reasons. One we get new equipment all the time so someone would have to keep updating that "linking" table all the time. Now if there was a way to automatically populate that table it would be fine but I lack much knowledge when it comes to Access.

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    Found nosimple solution to do it the way I currently have my tables setup. This led me to change the design of the tables that should allow for combo box.

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