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    Unanswered: Display row number being processed..?

    Hi all,

    This isn't really essential I guess, but I think it would be a nice professional touch for my current DB.

    On my switchboard I have a button which basically takes a Sage Report, that's around 50,000 records long and growing (although not that quickly), and imports them into a temporary table in the access backend database.

    Now, obviously, this can take a little while, and I don't want people to get impatient, try clicking somewhere while the operation is being carried out, being told that the program isn't responding and closing it down before the code has finished executing.

    So I was thinking that I could have a fixed size and position mini-form that displays something like:

    Processing Data...
    18423 / 50000
    And for the 18423, or whatever, to update live as to which record it is currently copying.

    Is this possible? In any way shape or form? I don't mind delving into complex code...

    Perhaps using some of accesses more low-level commands? Much like you would do on a Java/C++/whatever programs loading/installation %/etc.

    Before anyone asks... Yes, I need to import the data. The free Sage ODBC is read-only, and although it can be linked, it can't be freely edited without being copied over to a non-read-only table. Also, my client is terrified of anything happening to their accounts database... That would mean big problems.

    Thanks a lot guys, I look forward to any suggestions you might be able to put forward.
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    How do you import the data? If it's using a Docmd... or a query, you can't display a progress status because these are monolithic operations. What you're looking for is only possible if you're using "discrete" code (a loop in a VBA procedure).
    Have a nice day!

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