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    Unanswered: ORA-02068:following server error from db_link2 ORA-01033


    I got the following error.

    ORA-02068:following server error from db_link2
    ORA-01033:ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress

    I have three databases suppose db_1, db_2, db_3
    and I have created three links db_link1, db_link2, db_link3

    I was in db_1 & created two database links db_link1, and db_link2
    to connect with db_2 and db_3 simulteniously.

    I was in db_2 & created db_link3 to connect with db_3 and successfully

    When I was in db_1 I was successfully connected with db_2 using db_link1
    But when I was trying to connect db_3 using db_link3 then I got above error.

    Please solve my error as early as possible I am waiting for experts advise.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Aruna Kherudkar

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    >ORA-01033:ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress
    the DB that reports this error needs to restarted as below

    / as sysdba
    shutdown abort
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    Ora-02068:following server error from db link
    Ora-01033:ORACLE server initialization or shutdown in progress.
    I don't have the access of sysdba.

    Let now I want to explain more about my error.

    When I connected the one database from another database it gets connected but when I trying to connect the same database with any other database ti gives me the error.
    that's my problem.

    And also I don't have the sysdba access so I need another solution for the same problem.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Aruna Kherudkar.

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