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    Unanswered: Multiple Primary Keys to Foriegn Key

    I guess since I've never designed a database before I am running into all kinds of setup problems. My newest problem is that I want to have primary keys from multiple tables link to one foreign key in one table. The relationship between the primary keys and foreign keys are 1 to 1. I have attached a screenshot of the relationship and tables that best describes what I am looking to do. I just want to know if this is an acceptable way of linking the relationship.

    The second problem I have is that I want the specID 's to autonumber but include a two letter prefix. Why? Because I have multiple spec tables depending on the equipment type and I want specID's in the tblVibratoryHammer to start with VH(autonumber).

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    Yo can make an VH+autonumber as a Primary key, but in that case you can't
    to make REFERENTIAL INTEGRITY RELATIONSHIPS between two tables, (via
    P.K). It can be a SIMPLE RELATIONSHIPS only.

    Look at "DemoVHAutoNumA2000.mdb" (attachment, zip).
    Look at Relationships, look at Table1 "fID" Format and Form1
    "fID" Format.
    Open Form1 and see.
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