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    Unanswered: Schema Permissions


    I have an automated process which runs on an Oracle 8i database server as user abc.
    This process creates views/tables in other schemas, on the same database server, which point to objects owned by the abc user.

    The issue I'm getting is that when I try to execute GRANT SELECT ON xyz.view123 TO PUBLIC as the abc user, I get an insufficient privileges.
    I should add that the abc user created the xyz.view123 table/view.

    What grants/priviliges or whatever do I have to do to the abc schema?

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    Only the owner of a schema can issue a grant on an object in their schema. Not even SYS can do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beilstwh View Post
    Only the owner of a schema can issue a grant on an object in their schema.
    Or someone who has the "GRANT ANY OBJECT PRIVILEGE" privlege
    Not even SYS can do it.
    In my installation of Oracle 11.2, SYS does have that privilege (and the DBA role)

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    I think that "select any table with admin option" should allow it.
    For other action(s), it would be "<action> any <object> with admin option" (if it exists).
    You may study all available system privileges in Oracle documentation:

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