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    I am very new to Access and I am trying to learn as much as possible. I have a database I need to get completed ASAP.

    In my data base I have 3 tables that contain my Sales Reps, Account Managers, and Weigh Wagons. I need to be able to track the sales and history of the weigh wagons.

    The sales rep table shows all the information about that person and same with the account manager along who is there sales rep.

    The weigh wagon table tells me the information about the model year and other information. The value it is and when it was purchase and all that fun stuff. Now I can purchase the weigh wagon back from the sales rep or account manager. I do not need to show an invoice for any of the purchase or purchase back. So the weigh wagon would go back to my inventory as unsold. But now I can sell this back to another sales rep or account manager.

    Account managers are over the sales reps which I have my form that shows this. That is all fine.

    The sales reps and account managers can purchase weigh wagons. What I want is to show in the weigh wagon form is in the first tab the weigh wagon information and also the current owner of the weigh wagon.


    I have Sales Rep that wants to purchase a weigh wagon. I have one that will work for him. I sell this to the sales rep on a certain date. The sales rep purchase another weigh wagon a year later. A year later that sales rep wants to sell back the first weigh wagon so I purchase it back.

    I take that first weigh wagon and resell it to a account manager. A few years later I purchase that same one back and again resell it.

    I want to see the history of that weigh wagon in the history tab I made. I want to see that SR Joe purchased it first then sold back on such date, resold to SR Tim and purchased back, and then resold to AM Rob and so on.

    Please is this even do able? This will make my life so much easier than going back through 100’s of files spending hours trying to track all this information down.

    I am up to any ideas that you have.
    Thank you for all the help.
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