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    Unanswered: Are latest JCC Drivers (9.6) fully backward compatible ?


    Sorry if this question has already been answered by anyone in past ... I couldn't find it thru Search here nor anything concrete from IBM DB2 support site, so posting it here.

    I was packaging db2jcc.jar 7.1 version so far in my app. Since this is pretty old and latest version available is 9.7, I want to start using 9.7 drivers now.

    I will ofcourse do full testing to ensure that it's working with old versions of DB2, but didn't find that info on DB2 support site, so wanted to get more confidence if anyone knows this ... before I start the full testing.

    Also ... what is the difference between db2jcc.jar and db2jcc4.jar ?

    Thanks very much in advance,
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    db2jcc.jar supports JDBC 3.0 specification
    db2jcc4.jar supports JDBC 4.0 specification

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    Thanks Sathyaram ...

    You know about the backward compatibility (first part of my doubt) .. ?

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