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    Unanswered: SQLPASS Summit 2011

    I'll start right off by acknowledging that this thread isn't purely technical, but since it is purely Microsoft SQL Server I think it belongs in the Microsoft SQL Server forum. If I get sufficient complaints about a non-tech thread in a database forum, I'll move it to Chit-Chat.

    Are there any DBForums users headed to The SQL PASS Summit 2011? I expect to be there, and would be willing to host an after hours event for DBForums users if there is sufficent interest.

    It is probably too late to make plans now to attend the Summit, but there will be plenty of online opportunities to observe and participate. If there is sufficient interest, I'd be happy to blog the event (which I'm already considering doing anyway).

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    I'm not going to PASS but I live in the Seattle area - if you organize an after hours thing I'll try to come.

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