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    Red face Unanswered: macrons : appear on screen okay, but don't print properly

    I've finally figured out a font/table language combination that will let me put vowels with macrons in a formatted memo field, but when I try to PRINT the data in that field, the characters are printed as vowels with umlauts or cedillas. Any ideas why this occurs? Any ideas as to fonts/table languages/etc. that *WILL* work correctly? I'm using Paradox 8 on WinXP. (Will a later version of Paradox solve this?)

    (I don't have the details of which font/etc. available at the moment, but could post it here if necessary. Thought I'd just give a shot at seeing if anyone knew of general things to look at first.)

    (Ideally, I want to just use MEMO fields [or TEXT fields] for this [so font size can be changed by forms/reports, instead of being stuck with the original font size, as seems to be the case with formatted memos], but I figured I'd try to get them to print correctly in ANY case before tackling that problem.)



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    first, a simple guideline.. a language driver set is what it is.. that particular character set should be the same everywhere, forever.. in theory..

    second.. depending on your needs, you must deal with the software (paradox), the operating system (windows), and the printer..

    you should go to the paradox "community" site Home - Paradox Community for detailed technical support.. but you need more information about the specifics when you post there, because that's exactly what they're gonna ask you first..
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    Thanks, Steve

    Thanks for the info!

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