I have installed Application server in windows 2003 server. I use oracle 10g with forms and reports 9i. The same application was being tested in a standalone system with database in one system and application in another and it was working fine. When i installed the application in windows 2003 server and database in linux, the forms are being accessed from my client system through windows 2003, but when i generate the reports it gives me this error. "rep-51002 bind to reports server ags-pension failed".

ags-pension is the domain name of my windows 2003 server

I configured the following

01) default.env
02) forms.conf
03) formsweb.cfg
04) registry.dat
05) gave the path of the forms and reports in REGEDIT

Now I have hard coded the reports path to my stand alone pc and its working fine. I want it to be accessed from windows 2003 server.

Is there any configuration that i have missed out. I don't remember having any changes made for reports.In all the above mentioned files i only gave the path of my forms and reports.

Pl do guide me to solve this .
thanks in advance
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