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    Unanswered: MySQL DB 5.5 > 5.0.24


    Im a newbie so be gentle.

    Here is my problem......

    I have a MySQL DB that was dumped from v5.5 Windows.
    I need to install/import it into v5.0.24a Linux (of sorts)

    A guide or a how-to would be good!

    I'll explain.
    Have a Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ that has the earlier version installed, I have been searcing for a way to upgrade it to v5.5 but to no avail, this obviously would be the best way.
    Netgear support bumped me as they say 'would have to be done via SSH and Netgear do not support that protocol'

    I originally tried apt-get upgrade but it wanted to install an even earlier version, so aborted that.

    So I'm now stuck, and looking for a solution.


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    Hi, I would use the mysqldump utility to take a copy of the database you want to export. This results is a file with SQL statements to both recreate the table as well as insert the data into the various tables. The INSERT statements should follow the standard, there may be problems recreating the tables but if there are not so many this can be worked on on a case by case basis.
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